Regualr Oil Changes- Why They Are Crucial

Regualr Oil Changes- Why They Are Crucial

Every mechanic will stress to you the importance of regular oil changes and maintaining proper oil levels in your vehicle. Your car’s engine and its components are under a great amount of pressure. Oil helps to lubricate the moving and non-moving parts so that metal is not grating upon metal. The friction also causes an immense amount of heat which can lead to your vehicle overheating. Worse yet if there is no oil or very little your vehicle’s engine can seize up leaving you stranded and with some very expensive repairs.  

The Importance Of Regular Oil Changes For Your Vehicle

 The tried and true guidelines for an oil change is every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. Of course, it should go without saying that you should monitor your oil levels between oil changes and top them off when needed.

Lubrication- Regularly changing your oil keeps oil-free and clear of dust, dirt particles, engine sludge and other factors that can affect the overall quality of your engine oil and how your vehicle operates

Cool Down- Proper oil levels and clean oil allow for moving parts to stay lubricated and not cause friction with other engine components which can lead to overheating or other heat-related repairs.

Fuel Efficiency- Did you know that regular oil changes and maintaining proper & clean oil levels can also help with gas mileage, which in turn puts more money back into your pocketbook! When your vehicle is well taken care of, it runs smoother more efficiently & improves the overall longevity of the car, truck or SUV.

While performing self oil changes are pretty simple, they can also be quite the hassle. Find a reputable & professional mechanic you can trust and start scheduling regular oil changes today if you haven’t already. Proper vehicle maintenance is crucial in ensuring that your car is safe, dependable, and will make it for the long haul!