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Interesting Facts About The 1933 Ford Coupe

When it comes to supercars, no list would be complete without mentioning the 1933 Ford Coupe. This car is packed with amazing features and specifications making it an ideal choice for many people. It has received numerous national awards and been featured in many publications. If you want to learn more about this razor-sharp Ford, read more of the details provided below. Engine The slick feature of this coupe gives a unique appeal to its overall appearance. When it comes to speed, this is something you will admire. It has been built with well-polished air cleaner funnel for better...

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7 Car Models That Make Cool Hot Rods

A cool hot rod might sound like an oxymoron, but the truth is that by their very nature hot rods are cool. Whether build by regular people in their garages or by professional shops, hot rods incorporate all kinds of details that transform them from run-of-the-mill vehicles to one-of-a-kind machines. Here are 7 Vehicles that Make Cool Hot Rods 1. 1933 Ford Coupe The 1933 Ford Coupe is an amazing model since all you have to do is simply buy the kit to build your own hot rod. The design is up to you to choose. Obviously, designing your...

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What Is a Hot Rod?

Hot rod as one of the most popular culture in the entire world, especially in the United States presents an art of car constructing primarily to provide maximum starting acceleration. Hot rod competitions are usually limited to acceleration contests, but there are various categories based on endurance and speed attempts. Many cars constructed of old or new components may be called hot rods. This is combination of various cars and owners who are presented as racers, builders, collectors and street drivers. But many hot rod lovers will say it is an attitude and lifestyle. History This culture dates from...

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Most Famous Hot Rods

Hot rods are typically old classic cars with a light body; they are inexpensive, with a modified engine for reaching higher performance. Term “hot rod” became common in the 1930s and 1940s. Some of the modifications were the removal of bumpers, convertible tops, hoods, and modifying the engine by tuning. First, known rods were the old cars as Fords, Model Ts, 1928 – 31 Model As and 1932 – 1934 Model Bs, that were first modified to reduce weight. Volkswagen Beetle One of the most recognizable hot rods in the world is Old Volkswagen Beetle (Germany made from 1938...

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