When it comes to supercars, no list would be complete without mentioning the 1933 Ford Coupe. This car is packed with amazing features and specifications making it an ideal choice for many people. It has received numerous national awards and been featured in many publications. If you want to learn more about this razor-sharp Ford, read more of the details provided below.


The slick feature of this coupe gives a unique appeal to its overall appearance. When it comes to speed, this is something you will admire. It has been built with well-polished air cleaner funnel for better performance. When you look at the valve covers, you will find electronic Mallory sequences. They can be found in between the plug wires and dressed coil. On the lower portion of the wires, the hydraulic cam works to heat the ceramic block headers.


The 1933 Ford Coupe takes pride in its superior power-to-weight ratio. All components have been made of modern materials which let you drive with full speed. It also comes with big pipes and stainless tips and glass pack mufflers. When you open the doors, you are going to unveil the customized ultra-leather interior. It has been installed by Bohdes Custom Auto Interior of Ligonier, Indiana.

Trim And Body Work

This Ford Coupe boasts superb quality fiberglass with Bob Eastman’s Classic Restorations. The restorations are carefully streamlined and structured to obtain a 2.5-inch channeled and 3-inch chopped race rod. As the resin has been smoothed, it has been coated with Buick Magic Red 2-stage. Its vintage-inspired racer motif is reinforced because of traditional window numbers, amazing pinstripes, and glossy surface. These features have made this Ford stand out in local car shows.

On the other hand, the clever description for such coupe is that it is blatantly unique. The 1933 Ford Coupe is perfect for traditional modifications. The front portion of this car shows a two-inch pinched nose of Jim Mann. This hangs the handmade grille in between the contemporary halogen headlights. The louvered hood can be found behind this grille which goes through the smoked glass. On the sides of this hood, you can see classy handles, a driver’s mirror, and a traditional bear claw. On the back portion of this coupe lies the locking truck which reflects its simple bumper, bright LED tail lights, and essential window decals.

Since 2013, this Ford Coupe has never failed to impress people because of its outstanding performance. Thus, it is no longer surprising to know that this car is featured in numerous magazines. To mention two of these magazines, it has been featured in NSRA Street Scene Magazine and Car Kulture DeLuxe Magazine.

Want to know more about 1933 Ford Coupe? Look for online resources or magazines that have already featured this vehicle. You will love this Ford Coupe even more as you learn more about its features and specifications. If you are looking for your next supercar, consider this vehicle and you will see how it differs from the rest of the cars you know.