Hudson’s rod & customs was established in 2004 by Homer & Will Hudson in Strawberry Plains, TN just outside of Knoxville. The father & son duo have put their heart & souls into this business to produce high-end quality cars for their clients. Through hard work & exceptional customer service-the, business is growing every day. With their passion & love for custom cars and with the help of devoted friends & family, Hudson’s desires to make this a lifelong business for future generations & devoted hotrod fans.

We have started as a small family manufacture shop, and we always knew deep inside our hearts that if you love something you can make it grow. At the very first beginning, we paid more attention to the exteriors of the cars. Eventually, we decided to take care of the interior as well. We became aware how different taste can be and how demanding customers can be, and we had introduced in our business a form that is made of our customer’s requirements and specifications. Nowadays, you can fill it out online, and we will reply you with the price. Price usually depends on your specification and how complicated they are.

To make your desires possible we started to hire different profiles of people, so we can cover the tiny detail you want your hot rod to have. This turned out as a brilliant idea, and nowadays we are free to tell that we can accomplish your demanding, until the last one.

We can guarantee you the quality and the appearance. Sometimes it is difficult to combine the beauty and the functionality of the car, but we have a special team, so-called “trouble team” that is trained to deal with complicate situations and tasks. You can rest assured you will get your car on time and with all requirements. To prevent misunderstanding, we are constantly in touch with our customer, and we like to interact with them. In case we accidentally noticed that there is a better solution we will contact our client and suggest it. It is not mandatory to accept our proposition.